Trinkbares Wasser für alle

Because a Child dies every 20 seconds In the world from contaminated or Non-existent drinking water, we have made It our mission to provide drinking water for free To the World’S poorest. On August 14, 2018, we started our “Drinking” campaign in schools in the city of Bikaner, in India. Other Actions took Off in Varanasi in The northern Indian State Of Uttar Pradesh In mid-November and in Rhotas in Bihar State in December. Since then, we have been able to supply more than 100,000 Students in different Schools in these three Regions with drinkable Water. We achieved This by installing easy-to-maintain, flushable and durable gravity water filtration systems for Decades.

During the current Visit, in April, von Gerhard In India, he makes new Contacts in Bikaner and Varanasi in order to attract new supporters for our NGO and new Members for the Trust “”

To the Left of Gerhard Bartschat Sits Sanjay Acharya, right Is Lalit Soni. Both want to support us.

Far right in the Picture Yogesh of Team Bikaner.


It was Particularly interesting for Gerhard in a medical University near Varanasi.







Here he was traditionally welcomed with Flower Wreaths.

Very interested Students and Lecturers were interested in the Functioning Of our Water Filters and were completely convinced when Gerhard also drank the filtered Water in front of all Eyes.


Trinkbares Wasser für alle
Trinkbares Wasser für alle
Trinkbares Wasser für alle
Trinkbares Wasser für alle
Trinkbares Wasser für alle

Students supplied with drinkable water


Patients supplied with drinkable Water every year


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On average, our filters provide 150 students with access to drinkable water over decades.
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In the meantime, we have been able to realize more than 150 projects in India.

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Trinkbares Wasser für alle

Helene Fischer

Helene Fischer is Germany’s best-known pop singer. With more than ten million records sold, she is one of the most successful singers in Germany. Helene Fischer supported us with 2 signed T-shirts and autograph cards for our auction. 

Trinkbares Wasser für alle

Helge Schneider

Helge Schneider is a comedian, jazz musician and multi-instrumentalist, author, film and theatre director and last but not least actor. Schneider’s works are an unconventional mix of humor, parody and jazz-influenced music. They include spontaneity and improvisation as important elements. Helge Schneider supported us with two signed T-shirts and autograph cards for our auction.

Trinkbares Wasser für alle

Carolin Kebekus

Caroline Kebekus is a comedian and sings very well. She supported us with a signed T-shirt and an autograph card, which you will soon be able to purchase through our auctions.

Trinkbares Wasser für alle

Paul Panzer

Dieter Tappert is a German stand-up comedian and actor who goes by his stage name Paul Panzer. He supported us with 2 signed T-shirts for our auction. 

Trinkbares Wasser für alle

Beatrice Egli

She is a Swiss sunshine, pop singer and actress as well as the winner of the 10th season of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar / Germany Seeks the Superstar.” On Facebook, she counts half a million fans and delighted us with a signed T-shirt.

Trinkbares Wasser für alle

Andrea Berg

Andrea Berg is one of the most successful singers in German chart history, touches millions of people with her music and is showered with records and awards. We say thank you for 2 signed T-shirts. 

Trinkbares Wasser für alle

Michael Mittermeier

Michael Mittermeier is a German comedian and author. In his programs, he combines modern stand-up comedy with elements of the classic cabaret. Michael supports our project with two signed T-shirts and autograph cards each for our auction. 

Trinkbares Wasser für alle

Veronica Ferres

She is one of the most famous actresses in Germany and is one of the most popular and successful ladies in surveys. She has starred in over 30 motion pictures and dozens of TV films, winning the most German film and television awards and numerous international awards, including a 2002 Emmy for “Die Manns.” Ferres is considered one of the most influential women in German show business. Two signed T-shirts also came from her.

Over 50 more supporters

It is unbelievable but true, within a very short time we were able to inspire more than 50 stars from different genres for our project. Each of them has supported us with signed T-shirts, which we will be auctioning off in our auctions for the highest bidder. In addition, some supporters have also provided us with additional gifts such as autograph cards or signed CDs for our project.

Trinkbares Wasser für alle

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