Thanks to United Charity, the initiator of the social project "Trinkbares Wasser für alle" Gerhard Bartschat and his collaborator Reinhard Krönert last Saturday, May 5, 2018 at the live television performance of "Welcome to Carmen Nebel" at the Sachsenarena in Riesa to be at the forefront of the game. We were lucky enough to get two cards for this great show from ZDF at a United Charity auction. Our expectations were high but far exceeded. I particularly liked the premiere of the new single by DJ-Bobo, "says Krönert.. Bartschat adds: "We wanted to be there live, but had also hoped to get autographs of artists we don't have on our T-shirts for our own auction in favor of our project and were not disappointed." We already have the signatures of Roland Kaiser, DJ Bobo or Bernhard Brink, for example. But in addition to Carmen Nebel, the wonderful hostess, VoXXclub's boys Beatrice Egli, Yannick Bovy and Matze Knop also signed one of our shirts with the blue camel at the after-show party. '

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Want to know more about how the draw came about? Then you can now read the post on the pages of United Charity. Click here to read the post. You then leave our website.